How To Choose The Right Florida Divorce Attorney

Divorces are guaranteed to leave you with uncertainties about the future. With so many questions and concerns floating through your mind, it can quickly become overwhelming. However, one critical question should be at the forefront of your mind: How do I choose the right divorce attorney to represent me?

If you are considering divorce as a Tampa or St. Petersburg resident, you need assistance from a local attorney with vast experience helping those with similar needs as yourself.

At The Bardine Law Firm, you don’t interact with staff members or chatbots – you talk to Johnny Bardine. Johnny has over ten years of experience helping Pinellas County residents like yourself through their toughest times. Contact us today to speak to Johnny and learn how he is the perfect person to represent you during your divorce.

Finding The Right Divorce Attorney In A Crowded Market

Hiring the perfect divorce attorney for your unique situation is the best way to minimize stress and exit your marriage in an advantageous position. The issue? With thousands of practicing lawyers in Florida, finding the best one to represent you through blind luck is a long shot. Instead of simply calling a nearby firm with the largest marketing budget, you should attempt to find an attorney who meets your needs, specializes in your type of divorce, and meshes with your personality. Before hiring a St. Petersburg divorce attorney, keep these questions in mind.

What Do You Need In An Attorney?

This question is deceptively complex but massively important. A divorce is often more than the ending of a relationship; it is the complete untangling of finances, families, and previous arrangements. Every situation is unique, and each person wants something different from a divorce.

Do you have kids? Establishing fair and balanced child support and time-sharing arrangements is monumentally important for future happiness and success in your relationships.

Are you a high-earning professional? When large sums of money are involved, people can act erratically, and you need an attorney by your side who understands how important it is to maintain what is rightfully yours.

When investigating potential lawyers and having initial conversations, clearly express your wants and needs regarding the divorce process. An experienced lawyer will have the know-how to address your concerns, as well as help you identify other possible areas to focus on during your divorce.

Does The Attorney Have Experience With Similar Divorces?

After identifying your needs, you should have a good idea of what you are looking for in a divorce attorney. Now, you need to make sure the one you hire has direct experience dealing with similar situations. Every lawyer has to start somewhere, but letting an inexperienced attorney handle your divorce – and the trajectory of your future – isn’t wise.

Even if an attorney understands your needs and claims to be proficient, you should always ask for references and testimonials from previous clients. If, for example, one of your top priorities is a quick and easy divorce, an extended history of highly-contested marriages might mean this attorney isn’t right for you.

Experience goes far beyond simply knowing the law. After helping hundreds of local residents through a divorce, attorneys gain a unique perspective on potential dangers that spring up in contested divorces. An experienced attorney will also be more efficient, saving you time and money during this stressful time.

Can I Trust The Attorney?

Due to the highly sensitive and emotional nature of divorces, many people need support during the process. While becoming best friends with your divorce attorney shouldn’t be a priority, you also shouldn’t feel that they are uncaring or dismissive of your feelings. You might need to have frank conversations with your attorney about your marriage, and this isn’t easy if your personalities collide.

At our firm, we prioritize compassion in every aspect of our work and strive to make clients feel as welcome as possible. With hundreds of positive reviews and a nearly fifteen-year career, Johnny Bardine has established himself as an attorney that fights to protect the rights of residents in his community. 

Contact A St. Petersburg Divorce Attorney Today

Hiring a divorce attorney can be a challenging process, but we are confident that The Bardine Law Firm can be the final stop in your search for potential representation. Our founder and lead attorney, Johnny Bardine, has dedicated his practice to advancing the interests of his clients with compassion and efficiency. To learn more about how our firm is the perfect choice for your St. Petersburg divorce, contact us through our website or at (727) 605-7078. 

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