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The Interplay Between Criminal Defense and Family Law

Criminal convictions cast a shadow over your immediate future, but they can also leave an indelible mark on your family life for years to come. At The Bardine Law Firm, we offer comprehensive legal services that cover both family law and criminal defense. If you’re facing criminal charges while dealing with family law matters, consult with our team to protect your rights and interests. Contact us today through our website or at (727) 605-7078 for more information.

How Criminal Cases Affect Family Law Cases

The ramifications of a criminal case can extend deeply into your family law matters, affecting them in two primary ways:

  1. Child Custody Implications: Criminal charges, especially those related to domestic violence or substance abuse, can severely jeopardize your chances of gaining or retaining custody of your children. In Florida, judges use a “best interests of the child” standard, encompassing factors such as the child’s emotional and physical well-being. A criminal background, particularly one involving violence or drug abuse, can be viewed as a significant risk factor, leading to restricted visitation rights, mandated supervision, or even loss of custody altogether.
  2. Divorce Settlement Consequences: Criminal convictions hold substantial weight in divorce proceedings as well. A conviction for financial fraud, for example, could lead to an unfavorable division of marital assets, as it raises questions about financial integrity. Similarly, a domestic violence charge will likely have a lasting impact on spousal support arrangements. In some cases, it may even lead to a forfeiture of certain marital rights.

Defending Yourself During Family Law Proceedings

When facing criminal charges, it may seem like the world is out to get you, but you do have options. Instead of trying to take on the system alone, you should always have an experienced attorney by your side to promote your interests and show that you are innocent until proven guilty in America.

A robust criminal defense will potentially keep you out of jail, but the benefits go beyond. For example, successfully contesting a domestic violence charge can dramatically improve your standing in a child custody battle and give you negotiating power to bring to the table. A strong defense can counteract the negative perceptions of criminal charges, positively influencing the judge’s decision in family law matters. It can be the difference between losing custody and securing a joint or full custody arrangement.

Strong defenses are only possible when you take proactive steps to minimize the negative effects of criminal charges on your case. Most of these strategies, like gathering compelling evidence to counter the charges and obtaining character references that attest to your integrity, will fall on the shoulders of your attorney, which means making the right choice in legal representation is paramount.

Psychological Impact on Children: Why Fighting for Your Innocence Matters

Your presence in your child’s life is invaluable. When you’re entangled in criminal charges, especially false accusations, the stakes are never higher. It is well documented that losing a parent due to criminal charges negatively affects children, even more so if they occur in particularly vulnerable and young years. Here are some things to be aware of:

  1. Emotional Security: Children thrive in stable environments. The uncertainty that comes with legal proceedings can create emotional turmoil and a lack of security within their relationships. Fighting off false accusations and clearing your name helps restore a sense of security and normalcy for your children.
  2. Trust and Relationships: False charges can cast a shadow over your character, affecting how your children perceive you. Successfully fighting these accusations will help reinstate your reputation and preserve the trust and respect foundational to your parent-child relationship.
  3. Long-term Mental Health: Studies have shown that children with parents involved in criminal cases are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues. Your active involvement in fighting off charges can mitigate these long-term psychological effects.
  4. Role Modeling: By taking steps to clear your name, you’re also teaching your children valuable life lessons about justice, resilience, and the importance of standing up for oneself.

As a parent, you owe it to your children to be there for them, both emotionally and legally. In this battle, you’re not alone – our team is here to help you through anything that comes your way.

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Even if you aren’t currently undergoing divorce proceedings, current criminal charges can hamper your future endeavors and limit your options going forward. A strong defense can only be crafted by an attorney who will dedicate the proper time and effort to the case, and that attorney is Johnny Bardine. To get started on the process of protecting your name and relationship with your children, contact us today at (727) 605-7078.