Foreclosure Defense


Raising a family and building a loving home is the dream of many Americans, but circumstances out of your control can jeopardize this future. If unforeseen life events caused financial hardships – leading to foreclosure papers arriving at your door – our foreclosure defense attorneys are here to help.

The foreclosure process sometimes seems designed to maximize the homeowner’s stress and emotional anguish. Foreclosure attorneys take some of the weight off your shoulders and assist you in keeping your house through any legal solution available.

Are angry lenders knocking at your front door? Contact The Bardine Law Firm today to speak with our team of experienced foreclosure defense attorneys. We are committed to protecting the rights of Tampa Bay homeowners against the uncaring big banks.

Most Common Foreclosure Causes

You aren’t the first nor last person who will undergo foreclosure – it can happen to the best of us. Some of the most common causes of foreclosure include:


Salary cut or job loss

Business slowdown or failure​

Unexpected medical bills

How a Foreclosure Lawyer Can Help

Experienced foreclosure defense attorneys can help you decide which defense strategy protects your house, family, and future from the lender. You may have only a few months between receiving a foreclosure notice and losing your home. Every second matters, and our attorneys work day and night to find the best possible defense. Some strategies we can employ include:

Negotiating a modification to your current mortgage to reduce payments and ease the financial stress of the loan.

Filing for bankruptcy, which can pause the foreclosure process on your house. Through bankruptcy, we may also be able to discharge other loans that are eating away at your income. During the foreclosure pause, we can continue negotiations and attempt to get you more favorable terms for your mortgage.

Organizing a lease buyback through a nonprofit company, giving you the option to repurchase your home at a later date.

Avoiding A Foreclosure

Some foreclosure defense strategies allow you to avoid foreclosure altogether and prevent it from appearing on future financial records. Doing so is in your best interest, as foreclosures can significantly impact your credit score, resulting in:

  • Hardships securing future loans
  • Larger down payments for future purchases, leaving you with less cash on hand
  • Inability to get a new, stable job

Successful foreclosure defenses require ample time for your attorney to contact the mortgage company and consider your options. Don’t ignore a foreclosure notice, no matter how stressful it can be. Contact The Bardine Law Firm today to get started.


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