Marital and Family Law

Family matters can be some of the most emotionally charged and legally complex situations one can face. After years of sharing one’s finances, family, and life with another, there is not always a clear path forward. It’s during these times that you need the guidance of an experienced family law attorney, one with a track record of helping Florida residents end their marriages on the best possible terms.

Johnny Bardine has a wealth of experience dealing with divorce and family law cases. At our firm, we understand the intricacies of the ever-changing legal system and are dedicated to fighting for the rights of each and every one of the clients that put their trust in us. Our team helps people like you navigate the often confusing world of divorce, with an emphasis on:

Divorce Agreements

Child Custody and Parenting Plans

Spousal Support/Alimony

Starting The Divorce Process In Florida

Starting a divorce process can be a daunting task. It’s often a decision made after much thought and consideration when things aren’t getting better, no matter how hard you try. The process can range from being civil and cooperative to highly contentious, depending on the circumstances and the relationship between the spouses. Our attorneys are here to make the process as stress-free as possible, even in the divorce is happening because of:

Irreconcilable differences


Financial issues

Lack of communication

Conflict or abuse

Contested divorces can be lengthy and draining. An experienced attorney can expedite the process, efficiently handling complexities and helping you move forward more quickly toward resolution.

Child Custody In Florida

When it comes to your kids, we know there’s nothing more important. The thought of not being there for every bedtime story or Saturday morning soccer game is heart-wrenching. That’s why child custody disputes can be some of the most emotionally intense aspects of a divorce.

However, it’s not just about who gets to live with the child – it’s also about making decisions in the child’s best interest, to give them the best shot at a happy, productive future. It’s about ensuring the child has a stable, nurturing environment where they can thrive. It’s about making sure they have access to quality education, healthcare, and opportunities for social development. Ultimately, it’s about putting the child’s welfare first, even when making tough decisions during a divorce.

We understand the emotional toll that custody battles can take on a family. Our attorneys are committed to prioritizing the child’s welfare while still promoting your rights as a parent under Florida law. We’re ready to stand by your side and help you show the court that your home is a place of love, stability, and support for your child.


Spousal Support

Navigating the realm of spousal support, or alimony, can be complex. It’s a financial provision designed to prevent a significant lifestyle change for a lower-earning or non-earning spouse after a divorce. It’s about fairness and ensuring that both parties maintain a standard of living similar to that experienced during the marriage.

Determining spousal support isn’t a straightforward process. It requires careful consideration of many factors, such as the duration of the marriage and the current financial situation of each spouse.

We’re here to help you understand the nuances, advocate for a fair agreement, and ensure that the agreed-upon alimony is enforced. Subpar legal representation can significantly hamper your future financial endeavors.

Reach Out To A Family Law Attorney Today

Choosing the right attorney can significantly alter your divorce outcome and future. Our attorneys are well-versed in the law and understand the emotional complexities involved in family law cases. We are committed to providing absolute dedication and focus to our client’s cases when they entrust their future to us.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re facing a family law issue or beginning the divorce process. We’re here to help you navigate the legal system and fight for your rights. Contact Johnny to schedule a consultation and start the first day of the rest of your life on the right footing.

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